iPod Copier

iPod Copier

Alternative management and backup tool for iPods


  • Simple alternative to Apple iPod management software
  • Integrates with iTunes
  • Backsup data instantly


  • You may experience some initial configuration issues

Very good

If you have problems managing your iPod or your Apple software has either crashed or proves a pain to use, then iPod Copier could be what you are looking for. iPod Copier manages the contents of your iPod, not only enabling you to transfer files but also as a one click tool for backing up it's contents. If you've got a lot of important information stored on your iPod then this is an essential task.

The program is designed to integrate fairly seamlessly with the iPod although you may experience a few glitches on the initial startup. At a glance, you can compare your iTunes library with the portable device and configure the program to synchronize and scheduling operations between the two. Backing up requires nothing more than providing a route to save the files although it would have been nice to have seen burning app included.

Overall, a handy and simple alternative way to manage and backup your iPod.

iPodCopier is an easy-to-use tool to copy your iPod contents to your computer. Backup library DB, restore it again, and view track information.

It features a friendly interface which allows you to perform the following operations: Copy iPod contents to PC, Backup Library DB files to restore your library in case of system crash, Restore the DB Library and view track information.

iPod Copier


iPod Copier

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